About Our Farmers


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This is a beautiful 200-acre farm situated in the Hudson Valley of New York. The Agawamuck Creek divides the farm providing water for the animals and plants that are raised there. The old Albany-Boston Rail bed remains on the northwestern end of the property, providing the name Miller’s Crossing, which was the stop and original address of this 200 year old farm.

The Farm at Miller’s crossing is Flatbush Farm Share’s primary partners and provide us with a variety of seasonal organic vegetables.

They also raise a small herd of grass-fed beef on their pastures and available as an additional share.


A seventh generation family owned farm in Milton, NY  Hepworth Farms provide us with a selection of locally grown fruit that is cultivated using practices as close to organic as possible in this region. The fruit may include: strawberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, nectarines, pears, apples (many different varieties).


Located in Argyle, NY, Jeff and Kathy McMurry provide us with eggs from hens that are free-range and enjoy a varied diet of bugs, food scraps, and all natural grain containing no bi-products or antibiotics. Sunset Farm strives to raise a high quality product using good animal husbandry practices (humanly raised). All of their products are free from antibiotics, hormones and animal bi-products. Their hens are free to roam in a large fenced in area to protect them from predators. The hen house is available for them to use if the outside weather is not up to their liking.


argyleRandles Fairview Farm has been in operation for more than 150 years. As current partners and caretakers for the future, Dave and Marge Randles decided to move into the value-added dairy market as a way to help the farm achieve greater, more controlled rates of return.The Argyle Cheese Factory was born after much work and discussion. In more recent years, Marge began making yogurts which are now available to you as an additional share.


Dan Madura Farms is the only cultivator of gourmet mushrooms in Orange County, NY.  Their greatest achievement has been winter farming which enables them to supply markets with hard to find items like sprouts, hops, wheatgrass and mushrooms all year.  Dan utilizes solar power and practices organic farming principles

NEW THIS YEAR! We are now partnering with the LEWIS WAITE FARM CSA EXTRAS program to bring you cheese, grain & beans, bread, and poultry from local farmers in the Hudson Valley. Lewis Waite Farm is a small, family-run business, dedicated to organic farming and to bringing together consumers and small, local farms dedicated to sustainable practices.

We’ll be getting cheese from:

One of the few farms in the country that milk sheep for use in the production of gourmet cheeses. Traditional practices using small batches of raw milk, hand cutting and stirring of curd, and aging in a cave-like environment produce some of the worlds’ most renowned cheeses.

Located at Middleton Farm, their 40 milking cows, 1/3 Jersey and 2/3 Holstein, are pastured on the 200 acre farm. They use traditional methods of cheese making, from stirring and cutting by hand to filling molds one at a time.

A small family run farm located in Fort Ann, NY. They are small batch artisan cheese makers with a small herd of Holstein cows that use only natural ingredients and don’t add coloring to their cheese.

A 50 acre goat and sheep dairy in Thurman, NY that was founded in 1990 and is committed to the principles of natural ingredients, happy and healthy animals, and carefully hand-crafted artisan cheeses.

Also, beans from: YODER FARMS
A small family farm committed to ecologically sound agriculture. Their dried beans are grown on the farm without any chemicals and are not sprayed with any preservatives when dried.

Founded in 1985, they are family-owned and operated, and are the largest certified organic mill in the Northeast. Roller mill, hammer mill, and stone milling provide a variety of flours.

and bread from ROCK HILL BAKEHOUSE
Michael and Wendy London founded their large-scale artisan bakery in 1985. They use high-quality, locally sourced, often organic flours, and natural leavens. Their bread contains no preservatives or additives to extend shelf life. Bakers handcraft each loaf of bread before hearth baking in the European style.

and poultry from FREEBIRD/CASCUN FARM                                                                                           A partnership of Amish farms that humanely raise their birds in large barns.  Their philosophy is dedicated to freedoms: free of antibiotics, free to roam, and free to eat a natural vegetarian diet.

and milk from KIMBALL BROOK FARM                                                                                            Kimball Brook Farm has been a certified organic farm since 2005.  They are home to a herd of 200 Jerseys and Holsteins that graze on untouched land on their 955 acre farm which keeps the cows and their products healthfully close to nature.

and butter from KRIEMHILD DAIRY                                                                                               Kriemhild Dairy has a herd of more than 350 mostly grass fed dairy cows.  They don’t give their cows hormones or antibiotics.  The milk is processed into butter at a Kosher certified facility that has been in existence since 1910.

and kefIr from COWBELLA CREAMERY                                                                                                         A 7th generation family dairy farm with 40 Jersey cows that are mostly grass fed and supplemented with grains that are grown on their farm.  Their products are made with locally sourced, natural ingredients and processed by hand.

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