Current Season Info



Share Info & Pricing & Policy Info: See pricing and share info here (note this link just provides info on the season; our sign ups are closed): Flatbush Farm Share Summer-Winter 2020 Sign Up Form

Membership Policy: See the membership agreement.

Payments: Weekly payments and other additional or outstanding payments can be made at the member desk at distribution or online; see our payment info sheet here.  Our payment methods info is available here: FFS Payment Methods-2020.

Where to pick up: Pick-up will be at a location between the Cortelyou and Beverly stops on the Q. Please refer to your Membership emails for the address, or write to

Pick Up  Dates & Times: The first part of the 2020 season, or “summer shares,” runs from June 10 to October 28; these pick ups will take place every Wednesday evening. The last four pick-ups,  or “winter shares,” will switch to Saturday mornings and run on a bi-weekly schedule. The scheduled Saturday morning dates are November 7, 21 and December 5, 19.

COVID 19 safety measures: In order not to overwhelm our site and to abide by the current CDC safety guidelines for social distancing, we are asking people to commit to coming to pick-up within a 30-minute window either between 5.30-6pm, 6:30-7:00pm, 7:00-7:30pm or 7:30-8:00pm.  You will select a slot when signing up for the season. You will not be able to pick up your share outside of this slot. Once PAUSE is lifted we may adjust the time slots. We ask for your understanding and flexibility should this be necessary.
We will also be pre-packing all shares. At pick-up please sign in, pick up your designated bags, put them in your own bag and immediately vacate the premises.
You cannot linger in the area to look through your bag or swap shares, if there is part of the share you do not want, you are responsible for rehoming it.
Anyone can pick up your share, but they have to give your name at check in and must strictly follow the above procedures. It is your responsibility as a member to convey these policies and procedures to non-members picking up on your behalf.
Lateness Policy: We cannot hold any shares leftovers will be donated to area food programs. Remember that you can send anyone to pick up for you!

What to Bring: Your own reusable bags – the bags we use for packing aren’t sturdy enough for transport. No need to bring egg cartons as eggs will be pre-packaged this year. If you are a weekly cash payer, please try to have exact change. Electronic payment is preferred, if possible.

Volunteering: Sign up for or check on your summer volunteer shift here.

Composting: Unfortunately our site cannot accommodate composting at this time.

End of night sales: We are suspending these for the foreseeable future.


Communication around pick-up: During distribution it is unlikely that core members will be able to respond to any email messages; if you need someone to pick up for you or swap volunteer shifts, you can use the member2member Google group (see below)

Member 2 Member communication: You should have received an invitation to the “Member2Member2020FFSCSA” Google Group. If you want to be able to ask fellow members for help picking up a share or swapping a volunteer shift, just accept the invitation to the group. The invitation expires after a week. Please use the Google Group only for CSA-related issues like pickups and volunteer shift swaps. If you have not received your invitation or if your invitation has expired please send a request to

CSA Newsletter: We send out a weekly newsletter by email, usually on Wednesday afternoons after we learn the exact contents of our shares from our farmers. If you would like to contribute anything to the newsletter – recipes, nutrition information, information about food justice/food sovereignty issues — please write to  

Farm at Miller’s Crossing Newsletter: Our veggie farmers, Chris & Katie, send out a weekly newsletter that’s a pleasure to read. You can sign up for it here.

Questions about payments and shares? Write to us here:

Social Media: Follow us! On Facebook and Instagram.

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