Deposit & Early Bird Deadlines Approaching

Thanks to all who signed up so quickly this spring! Now, for the money part:

To secure a CSA spot, all signed-up members  must put down a deposit of $25, except for those paying with EBT, who must put down a deposit of $10.00.

To get the early bird discount, signed up members at levels 3, 4, and 5 must pay at least half of their total share cost by April 19th.

To make an e-payment, see instructions here: Epayment Info_2015.

To pay by postal mail, your deposit and/or early bird payment must have a postmark of April 18. Please mail to:

Flatbush Farm Share
c/o Ms. Barry
1327 East 89th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236
POSTED ON 4/11/2015

2015 summer season full at all price levels!

We have just reached capacity for this season. Many thanks to all volunteers who contributed to our membership drive and to all future volunteers who joined! The lightening quick sign ups have allowed us to offer discounted shares to all those who signed up on our level 1 & 2 wait list. We are in for a great season!

At this point, we will only have open spots if any members drop out. If you would like to be considered for a spot in that case, please join our general wait list here.


Finally Officially Open for Summer 2015 Sign Ups!

We’re open for business! Please sign up here.

To learn more about our CSA, check out the posts below as well as our 2015 season info sheet here and our farmer info here.

Premium-paying members at levels 3, 4, and 5 (see below!)–if you sign up by April 5 and pay half your balance by April 19, you get an early bird discount: 3% off your veggies share price to be refunded in the first weeks of distribution.

We look forward to an exciting season!

2015 Summer Season Sign-Ups Will Open Next Week!

The FFS Core group has been hard at work planning the 2015 summer season. Sign ups will be ready soon!  Last year’s summer and winter members, please look out for the sign up link in your inboxes next week. You will have a 3-day first dibs sign up period, and then the sign up form goes live.

We are still working out some details on new extra shares to be offered this season. But, all the basic season and share info (including pricing) is available here and below: FFS 2015 summer season info.

Some new features for the 2015 season:
Expanded Sliding Scale: Our CSA is able to offer a significant number of discounted vegetable shares for low-income households because our level 3 & 4 members pay a premium above the farmer’s price proportionate to their income and household size. This year we are adding a new premium-paying price level at the high end of our scale. The new level 5 will enable the CSA to provide a greater number of discounted shares than in the past. To learn more, see the charts below.
Sliding Scale for Fruit: We are very excited to be able to offer a two-tiered price scale for fruit this summer season! Extending the sliding scale to fruit has been a long-time goal for our CSA.
Early-Bird Discounts: Level 3, 4, and 5 members who sign up and pay half their share in the first 2 weeks of our membership drive will get a 3% refund off their veggie share price.

E-payments: We are trying person-to-person electronic payments this year. You can learn more about this option at epayment-info_2016.

Finally, the 2015 season brings us many exciting extra share offerings! Details to be revealed soon. In the meantime, you can check out our farmer info here.

Check back with us soon!


One Person   Two people
Annual Income Level Annual Income Level
Under $21,000 Level 1 Under 24,706 Level 1
$21,000- $35,000  Level 2 $24,706 – $41,176  Level 2
$35,000 – $50,000  Level 3   $41,176 – $58,824  Level 3
$50,000 – $70,000 Level 4    $58,824- $82,353 Level 4
Over $70,000 Level 5 Over $82,353 Level 5
Three people   Four or more people
Annual Income Level Annual Income Level
Under $30,000 Level 1 Under $38,182 Level 1
$30,000- $58,824  Level 2 $38,182- $63,636  Level 2
 $58,824 – $71,429  Level 3   $63,636 – $90,909  Level 3
$71,429 – $100,000 Level 4 $90,909 – $127,273 Level 4
Over $100,000 Level 5 Over $127,273 Level 5


Vegetables Fruit
Level Single Share Double Share Level Single Share Double Share
1 $167 $340 1 $80 $160
2 $237 $462 2 $80 $160
3 $350 $648 3 $105 $210
4 $376 $684 4 $105 $210
5 $402 $710 5 $105 $210