If you’ve been eyeing the lovely eggs at distribution and wishing you could get in on the action (but are not so keen on making a big commitment to a full or half share), or if you already get an egg share and are itching to get a few more, it’s your lucky week(s)! They are great compliments to all the wonderful veggies we’ve been receiving. We were bestowed with extra eggs and would love to sell them to you. We will have them until they run out- this week (Sept 3) and next week (Sept 10). The cost is $2.25 for a half dozen and $4.50 per dozen. 

Don’t let this slip by you! Fresh eggs like these will last many, many weeks in the fridge. So no pressure to use them immediately!  Please email Beth by replying to her original email or send to bainbridge.beth@gmail.com) if you’re interested. Payments will be accepted at the table at distribution.   Thanks and enjoy! – Beth

Registration Now Open for Summer 2014

To register for the Summer season, you can apply online or download and mail a Print form.

Your application must be received with deposit by April 22th.

Distribution starts on Wednesday, May 28 and runs weekly through Wednesday, October 22 from 6-8pm.

And don't forget to sign-up for your Milk Not Jails and Canning / Beef Shares from the Farm at Miller's Crossing.

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