Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?

A CSA, (for Community Supported Agriculture) is a way for the food buying public to create a relationship with a farm and to receive a weekly basket of produce. By making a financial commitment to a farm, people become “members” (or “shareholders,” or “subscribers”) of the CSA. Most CSA farmers prefer that members pay for the season up-front, but some farmers will accept weekly or monthly payments. Some CSAs also require that members work a small number of hours on the farm during the growing season.

Many farms offer produce subscriptions, where buyers receive a weekly or monthly basket of produce, flowers, fruits, eggs, milk, meats, or any sort of different farm products.

A CSA season typically runs from late spring through early fall. The number of CSAs in the United States was estimated at 50 in 1990, and has since grown to over 2200.

definition sourced from: http://www.localharvest.org/csa/

What is Flatbush Farm Share?

Flatbush Farm Share (FFS) is a CSA based in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Our mission is to make local, sustainably-grown produce available to any Brooklyn resident, regardless of economic circumstances. We offer a sliding scale price structure and the options to pay in installments and/or with food stamps.

What does membership Involve?

Membership is a commitment to purchase from our farmer and to volunteer at least 4-hours over the course of the season (during distribution or by doing other pre-arranged tasks). We operate entirely on volunteer labor, so your commitment to participate is vital! By becoming a member, you are making an investment in The Farm at Miller’s Crossing and the community by supporting local, sustainable agriculture, enjoying fresh organic produce, and helping to make it more accessible to all community members.

Do I have to volunteer every week?

No! The volunteer commitment is only 4 hours over 22 weeks. It involves doing 2 shifts at distribution, either a set-up (4:15-6:15) or a closing (6:30-8:30). If you can’t lift heavy boxes of veggies, there are still things for you to do.

How much produce do you get?

You can choose to purchase a full or a single share of produce. A full share feeds approximately 3-4 people;  a half-share feeds 1-2 people, depending on how much you eat. Each share size consists of 7-10 different vegetables or herbs. See a chart of our farmer’s anticipated weekly harvest on their website.

Where do the vegetables come from?

The farm we partner with is about 127 miles away near Hudson, in upstate NY. Later in the summer we usually have a day trip to visit our farmers. The Farm at Miller’s Crossing: http://www.farmatmillerscrossing.com

Is the produce organic?

The vegetables are certified organic, picked the day of distribution, delicious and seasonal–you can’t get them any fresher than that. The fruit is as close to organic as is possible in this region.

Do you get to choose your share?

You don’t get to pick what vegetables you receive for the week, but if there’s something you don’t want, we have a swap box. Also, you do get to hand pick each particular veggie of those pre-selected for the weekly share. If you don’t know what to do with some of the items, we have a newsletter that publishes weekly recipes and tips; members also have the opportunity to exchange a lot of tips informally at distribution and at social events. You learn in a simple and pleasant way about what veggies are seasonable in this region and you get to experiment with new foods.

Does FFS offer anything other than vegetables? / How do extra shares work?

Yes! It will vary from one season to another, but we typically have fruit, eggs, dairy, and beef. We may also have coffee, wine, and tempe. We get these from different farmers and providers who are also local and cultivate their products responsibly. Fruit, eggs, yogurt, and cheese are a single price for all, but can be purchased with EBT or weekly cash payments. Get to Know Our FFS Produce Suppliers.

What does it cost?

2015 prices will be posted soon.

How do I know which price level I am?

How does level 1 and level 2 payment work?

At Level 1 & 2, members can pay weekly in EBT, cash, or in full before the season starts.

How can I join?

During sign-up periods (roughly March-April for Summer and September-October for Winter) check out the website for details to sign-up online.

When/how do I get vegetables? Do you deliver?

You pick up your share every Wednesday evening from 6-8pm. There is no delivery service. The season lasts 22 weeks. The first pick up is usually the first Wednesday in June. The last pick up is usually the last Wednesday in October (22 weeks after the first distribution). We will also be having a winter share from November to January; you can sign up for that in Sept/October.

What happens if I miss picking up my share?

Picking up your share on time is part of your member commitment; if you do not do so, we donate your food to a local pantry. If you go on vacation, you can have someone else pick up for you, but you also have the comfort of knowing that your food will not go to waste if no one picks up.

Where do you pick up the food?

 Our site is at the Flatbush Reformed Church, just off the B/Q subway on Church Ave and Flatbush, but you have to walk back behind the church to E 21st Street and Kenmore Terrace.  Parking space is available. Map it here.

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