Registration Now Open for Summer 2014

To register for the Summer season, you can apply online or download and mail a Print form.

Your application must be received with deposit by April 22th.

Distribution starts on Wednesday, May 28 and runs weekly through Wednesday, October 22 from 6-8pm.

And don't forget to sign-up for your Milk Not Jails and Canning / Beef Shares from the Farm at Miller's Crossing.

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Winter Share Is Here!

Yes, the first pick up is already here! Distribution will be from 9:30 – 12:30 at our usual site, the Flatbush Reformed Church, in the yard behind the Gray House on Kenmore Terrace and East 21st Street. Please bring your own bags and cartons, as well as any extra you can spare. Thanks!
Please note the dates for the remaining pick ups: Dec.3, Dec. 17, Jan. 7, Jan. 21, Feb. 4.
Separate emails with payment details will be going out to those paying biweekly or with outstanding accounts, so please keep an eye out.
Info on your checks: Veggie share checks received by last Thursday are already at NYCCAH and should have been cashed or will be cashed soon; extra shares checks received by yesterday will most probably be cashed early next week

VERY IMPORTANT INFO ON UPCOMING WINTER SHARE PICK UPS: We will be changing distribution sites after this first pick up. The new pick up site will be in the basement auditorium of the Flatbush-Tompkins Congregational Church on Dorchester and 19th St. Check out the directions here; there will also be directions at the sign-in on Saturday.
For those of you who are new and do Facebook, please please LIKE our fan page and check out our discussion board
Finally, an initial word of inadequate thanks to all those who helped us fund raise to keep the winter share sliding scale viable, either through the ioby link or plain, old regular donations. We’d like to thank you more, but here’s a plain start: THANK YOU! With the matching funds, we raised almost $2,000 dollars all together. This means we have not had to ask for money from other sources to stay alive this time: We’re sustainable for the winter! Many, many thanks to all.

July 13th Distribution

The share grows! For this week:

  • 1 bunch of carrots
  • 1 bunch of swiss chard
  • 1 head of lettuce
  • 1 bunch of turnips
  • 1 bunch arugula
  • 1 lb. squash/zucchini
  • 1 head garlic
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 1 Japanese Eggplant

Please note that 7/13 will be the last day to sign up for the beef share and the 7/27 tempeh delivery.

Also, member Jacoby Ballard of Third Root informs us of a food justice talk by McArthur Fellow and founder of Growing Power on 7/21 in Brooklyn which may be of interest to many of you:

Will Allen Talk At Boys And Girls High School
The Good Food Revolution
Thursday July 21, 2011
1700 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY
A Free Talk 6 PM
A/C Train to Utica Ave

At its best, food is love; at its worst, it can be toxic to our health, to the environment, and to our communities.
In response, a diverse food movement has arisen, with farmers, public health activists, social justice advocates, and people who love to eat well, all collaborating to create alternatives to the industrial food system. The real beauty of this movement is that none of its strands can exist in isolation. It’s a healthy, vibrant ecosystem a community of innovators helping to grow a new sustainable food culture.
This event is FREE
Suggested $10 donation, $5 for students/low income

2011 Beef share information from The Farm at Miller’s Crossing

The price for a single beef share is $210.00. The share includes 8 distributions of our frozen certified organic grass-fed beef. The share will start in July after the animals have grazed for 3 months on tender spring grass.  The 8 distributions will be every other week from July until October.

The beef share will include 2-3 items per distribution including, steaks, ground beef, sausage, short ribs, soup bones, roasts and/or braising cuts(great for stews!!!)  Some examples of weekly shares might be…1 lb. ground beef and 1 steak…… or 1 lb. sausage, 1 short rib and a braising cut.

The beef share is quite different from buying your favorite cuts and only eating what you are familiar with.  We offer a variety of different cuts of beef and plenty of tried and true favorites.  True to the CSA ideal, you will be receiving cuts that are a true “share” of our animals.  An example of this is the Flank steak.  There are only 2 Flank Steaks per animal…our herd is small and we can only expect to have 12 flank steaks for the entire season in contrast we can expect 800 lbs. of ground meat. We are able to make hot dogs, three different sausages, patties as well as ground beef out of those 800 lbs.

Because of your financial commitment to us pre-season (which allows us to avoid borrowing money) the share price represents a 10 -15% discount from our retail pricing on this beef.  We keep track of each member’s share cuts, their weights and pricing.

If you have any questions about the share, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at

Thank you for considering the Miller’s Crossing Beef share.

The Farm at Miller’s Crossing
Katie Smith & Chris Cashen

FFS Newsletter 2.21, Meat Info

Volunteer Shifts 
The first shift begins at 4.30pm!  Please arrive on time!
4.30-6.30 David Chung, Melanie RibacK, A.J. Greep, Nisha Balisa, Justin Coletti
6.30-8.30 Semona Baston, M. Gradel, KK Graham, Nisha Balisa

Attached is the newsletter and the meat pricing/order form.

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NEWSLETTER 2-21.pdf (345 KB)

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OCT. 2010.xls (20 KB)

This week’s mailings from the farm

Hi Member

Here's the weekly contact from the farmers.

See you all tomorrow
FFS Katie

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Katie <>
Date: Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 7:43 PM

Attached are the newsletters, the recipes for this week, and the beef availability.
We still have tomatoes and basil available
paste tomatoes 25 lbs for $20.00
basil  a 1/2 bushel box for $18.00
green beans 10 lb box for $20.00
Thank you, Katie
Katie Smith & Chris Cashen
The Farm at Miller's Crossing
81 Roxbury Road
Hudson, NY 12534
PH/Fax 518 851 2331

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2010 price total.xls (21 KB)

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August 23rd 2010.doc (1336 KB)

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Week13’10.docx (104 KB)