CSA Newsletter 4

In this Newsletter: Accomplishing our CSA mission and our ongoing fundraising
efforts; Food Memories interview of CSA member; Our Farmer’s letter; An arugula
and lamb recipe; Reasons to prefer grass-fed beef over feedlot meat; Important

Biweekly Newsletter: The Newsletter will come out from now on every second week and will alternate with an also biweekly Recipe Sheet.

Submissions: We’re always looking for contributors, so if you have any pieces you’d like to
submit, send them to newsletter@flatbushfarmshare.com
Articles should be in Word doc. format and photos should be sent as JPEGs. Recipes are very welcome too!



FFS Newsletter 2.23

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NEWSLETTER 2-23.pdf (300 KB)

Fill out your winter share agreement here.  Agreements must be in by October 27!  Also available at distribution.

This Week
4.30-6.30: Elaine Mahoney, Kim Verra, Brid Schenkel, Anne
6.30-8.30: Rebecca Bird, Ben Horowitz, Brid Schenkel, Mary Eristhee, Nora O'Connor
Next Week
4.30-6.30: Chris Cinelli, Elaine Mahoney, Richard Pathman, Kate Asson, Jack Aponte
6.30-8.30: Chris Cinelli, Ben Horowitz, Molly Thomas Jensen, Kate Asson, Nora O'Connor, Danielle St. Louis

FFS Newsletter 2.22

VOLUNTEERS – Need someone to help with tonight's first shift, and the Oct. 20th first shift!
October 13
Shift 1: Gingi Piga, Melanie Riback, J Torres, David Chung, EMPTY! (email volunteer@flatbushfarmshare.com)
Shift 2: M Thurber, Iris Jan, Patrick Cousins, Janelle Kilmer, Caleb Leech, Danielle St Louis

October 20
Shift 1: Elaine Mahoney, Kim Verra, Brid Schenkel, Anne, EMPTY! (Sign up at distribution)
Shift 2: Rebecca Bird, Ben Horowitz, Brid Schenkel, Mary Eristhee, Nora O'Connor

FFS Newsletter 2.21, Meat Info

Volunteer Shifts 
The first shift begins at 4.30pm!  Please arrive on time!
4.30-6.30 David Chung, Melanie RibacK, A.J. Greep, Nisha Balisa, Justin Coletti
6.30-8.30 Semona Baston, M. Gradel, KK Graham, Nisha Balisa

Attached is the newsletter and the meat pricing/order form.

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NEWSLETTER 2-21.pdf (345 KB)

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OCT. 2010.xls (20 KB)

FFS Newsletter 2.20

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NEWSLETTER 2-20.pdf (801 KB)

Hi All!

Composting suspended 



site composting has been suspended until an agreement can be made with local stakeholders.  Thank you to Laura; we're crossing our fingers for 2011.

Member needs help picking up her share the rest of the season!

One of our members has an unforeseen conflict on Wednesday nights and will be missing the rest of the season unless someone can manage to pick up her share for her.  She teaches in Bed Stuy until 

3pm and could pick up anytime after 4 on any other day than Tues and Wed.  If you can help for one week or for the rest of the season, please email info@flatbushfarmshare.com and we will connect you.  

Volunteer Schedule:  
September 29 
Shift 1: Justin Coletti, Jess Rooks, Talia Barett, Kim Viera 
Shift 2 Cristina Milleur, Iris Jan, KK Graham, Jessie Lawton-Crane, M. G.
October 6 
Shift 1: David Chung, Melanie Riback, A.J. Greep, Nisha Balisa
Shift 2; Semona Baston, M. Gradel,  KK Graham, Nisha Balisa