Extra Share Info

We are happy to offer many extra shares this year: mushrooms, cheese, poultry, beans + grains, bread, and milk! Below you will find more details about the contents of the shares.

Extra Share Descriptions

Mushrooms:  Weekly delivery of either 1 pound or ½ pound of one type of gourmet mushrooms.  The following mushrooms will be included in your share: shitake, grey oyster, maitake, yellow oyster, king oyster, piopinni, lions mane, enoki, portabella, crimini, and white beech.  You will receive each mushroom twice during the season.

Chicken:  Every 2 weeks you will receive 2-3 different types of chicken, weighing approximately 4-5 pounds.  Some sample shares are:

  1. 5 pound whole chicken and 1 pound chicken breasts
  2. 5 pound whole chicken and 1 pound chicken leg quarters
  3. 1 pound chicken breast, 2 pounds chicken wings, and 1 pound thighs
  4. 4 pound whole chicken and 1 pound drumsticks

Cheese:  Every 2 weeks you will receive 2 different cheeses.  Some sample shares are:

  1. ½ pound cheddar and a 4 or 5 oz chevre
  2. ½ pound farmhouse jack and ½ pound Londonderry
  3. ½ pound Middletown tomme and 5 oz lavender and honey fromage blanc

Beans and Grains:  You will receive either 1 pound of beans or 1 pound of grains every 2 weeks on a rotating basis.  Some sample shares are:

  1. 1 pound heritage beans
  2. 1 pound of spelt berries
  3. 1 pound black turtle beans
  4. 1 pound of wheatberries

Bread:  You will receive 2 loaves of bread every 2 weeks.  One will be sliced and 1 will be unsliced.  Some sample shares are:

  1. 1loaf 8 grain 3 seed bread and 1 loaf of cinnamon raisin bread
  2. 1 loaf of whole wheat farm bread and 1 loaf of sesame semolina
  3. 1 loaf of sourdough and 1 loaf of jewish rye
  4. 1 loaf of farm bread and 1 loaf of pumpernickel

Milk:  Milk Not Jails decided not to deliver to any CSAs this year.  Lewis Waite Farms does not usually carry milk but they have decided to order milk to help us out.  That is the reason for the price increase.  The milk only comes in ½ gallon bottles.  Since they only deliver every 2 weeks, we added the option of 1 gallon, which will come to you as two ½ gallon bottles.  The milk will last for the 2 week delivery period and the second bottle of milk may even be frozen.  Lewis Waite has to order the milk by the case, which contains 6 bottles, so we need to order at least 6 bottles of each type of milk.  Milk will not be available as an ala carte item.

Ala Carte Ordering:

  1. Lewis Waite Farms has an extensive list of products available and they will be allowing us to order ala carte items in addition to our shares.  Once membership signups are completed, all members will be given the link to the website and a user name and password so that they can order extra items if they wish.  Payment for these extra items can be made by paypal or check.  Extra orders will be delivered with our regular orders.
  2. Madura Farms is supplying our mushrooms this year. You will also have the opportunity to order extra items from them.  They offer many unique items such as 16 varieties of hops, sprouts, wheatgrass, and raw peanuts.

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