FARM TRIP SET FOR SEPT 28:  We’re getting ready to visit the farm in just a few weeks. It’s always been a wonderful experience, so if you haven’t yet gone, this is your chance to see the farm in action. We will leave around 7 a.m. and return around 7 p.m.  There will be a potluck lunch at the farm, and make sure you have sturdy shoes for walking. We will probably be able to help with some farm chores.  The seats in the van will be $20 for levels 3/4, $15 for levels 1/2, and $12 for children under 6 (children over 6 will have to pay full price). We are doing our best to keep this affordable, and so we encourage anyone who can to make an extra contribution (the kids’ seats are under cost). There is a sign-up sheet for the trip at the desk, and there is also an electronic version.

Please give a deposit of $5 per person for the van, and we will need the balance by September 24. If you have any questions, you can put them in the comments section on the sign-up sheet or write to info@flatbushfarmshare.com.

WINTER SHARE CORE MEETING: Our core group will be meeting next week to plan for the upcoming Winter share. We’ll be talking about pricing, signups, extra shares, events, publicity, and much more! Joining the core group during the winter season is a great way for new people to get involved, since the Winter CSA is simpler to organize than the summer. We’d love to see you there! For information on the time and location, please email Camille Barry  <camillebarry@optonline.net> for details.


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