Milk, Half & Half, and Butter Shares

Hello Flatbush Farm Share members,

We are excited to announce a new dairy share for the 2012 summer season. We’ve partnered with Milk Not Jails, who will be delivering Ronnybrook milk, half & half, and butter to our CSA each week.

Purchase a share of any of these products by creating and logging in to your Milk Not Jails account.  Whole, low-fat, and non-fat milk are available. Your milk share will be deliciously fresh-bottled the day before it’s delivered to you. Save yourself a weekly trip to the grocery store or farmers market and order your dairy share today! Purchase your weekly dairy needs through Milk Not Jails to support local farms and criminal justice reform.

Once you are registered, you must select a CSA or buying club where you would like to pick up your Milk Not Jails products.  Click on “My Account” then “My Delivery Sites.” 

Log-in to Milk Not Jails today to purchase your share!


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