FFS Newsletter 2.15

Extra Shares

As you all know we have been trying to find a system that works for the extra shares.  This week when you sign in for your veggie share you will receive a "ticket" for you fruit, egg and pasta shares. At the extra share table you will give your ticket and receive your shares.

Members with extra fruit shares that did not recieve their full share last week will receive pears, Cortland apples, and plums.

Elizabeth and Anne from Breezy Hill will also be at distribution if you have any questions for them about the fruit/egg/pasta shares.

Volunteer Info

August 25
Shift 1: Amy K., Laura Mulcahy, Mimi Ng, Joaquin Roca, Layla Kraus
Shift 2: Angela Ryce-Paul, Casey Romanick, Emma Zurer, Steven Herzberg, Kate Edden

September 1
Shift 1: Angela Ryce-Paul, S Divash, M Lanzetta, Tamara Morgan, Beth Bainbridge
Shift 2: Ben Dwork, Steven Herzberg, M Lanzetta,Heather Chin, Rebecca Stern

Compost Collection
No compost collection this Weds., Aug. 25, because Laura will be in a meeting about on-site composting. There is compost collection at the Fort Greene and Union Square markets as an alternative.


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