August 11th Distribution

It’s definitely tomato time in Brooklyn: we had not only heirloom in all shades and forms, but also a hybrid bunch in abundance. In addition, we got savoy cabbage, swiss chard, beets, carrots, garlic, and sweet-smelling dill with the flowers included (not usual, but won’t kill you!). There was also canteloupe, though not quite enough to go around. Thanks to Katie and Kristin for quickly resolving that situation: anyone on the missing canteloupe list will get their fruit next week! For extra shares, we got the long-awaited carrot pasta, small, sweet plums, and peaches.

Big thanks to volunteers of both shifts who dealt with a range of obstacles from a shortage of hands setting up to defective (big rip off!) trash bags and the canteloupe issue. And thanks as always to Etta and the membership  processing team Katie, Kristin, Hayley.

We were lucky to have Cole Chilton from T.B. Ackerson Wine Merchants on Cortelyou with us tonight for a very informative wine tasting. Cole’s light, dry, and very eloguently described white wines produced by small winemakers offered the perfect buzz against the humidity and usual mosquitoes. Many thanks to him and we await his return in a few weeks!

Happy eats,



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