August 4th Distribution

Another fine CSA evening. We got out first tomatoes and cantaloupes of the season! There was lots more too: sweet onions, little green cabbages, cucmbers, zucchini/summer squash, green peppers, and basil to top it all off. For extra shares, there were plums and mixed apples, in addition to our first beef– humanely produced. Carrying home our shares is requiring a little more muscle powers at this midway point in the season!

Many thanks to the first-shift volunteers and early member arrivals who dealt so efficiently and generously with an initial delay caused by the site coordinator (me), as well as to all the other volunteers and–as usual–to Eta.

Laura Stinger and a colleague set up a great poster session on the porch covering the do’s, dont’s, and how-to’s of urban composting–very instructive! Thank you for that and our weekly composting!

Finally, thanks to all members who brought extra bags–the response was overwhelming, and we are wondering what to ask for next!

Have a good veggie week,




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