FFS Newsletter 2.11

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NEWSLETTER 2-11.pdf (324 KB)

Farmer just sent veg list so it didn't make it in the newsletter!
-1 lb. cucumbers              -1 bunch of kale
-1 pepper                         -1 head of lettuce
-1 bunch of beets              -1 leek
-1 bunch of curly parsley   -1 lb. zucchini/squash
1 lb. Rose Gold Potatoes
We've had a few drop-outs in membership at level 1.
We are hoping to maintain the our current percentage of low income members, so if you know anyone who is interested in joining the Flatbush Farm Share and falls into our level 1 income category, please let us know.  In fact she/he could start today!  The first 4 people to come to distribution and commit to the remainder of our season and the 4 hour work requirement, can be members!  Level 1 members can pay weekly with cash or food stamps.
We are eager to fill the openings as quickly as possible and hope to do so with the people at the same income level.  However, if we have not filled the slots with level 1 people by the end of the week, we'll open the search to other income levels too.  So, if you know someone interested in joining, but not level 1, please forward his/her contact information to membership@flatbushfarmshare.com and we'll add them to our waiting list.

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