FFS Announcements

Due to technical difficulties the newsletter will not be out until after distribution tonight.  Here are some important notices to get you through till then though!
1 lb cucumbers    1 head escarole
1 pepper              1 head lettuce
2 onions              1 head celery
1 bunch carrots    1 lb squash/zucchinni
1 lb potatoes 
Pasta: Whole Wheat Penne and Riccotta Ravioli (please note ravioli will be coming frozen so will need to be eaten right away or refrozen)
Fruit: Peaches, Plums and Nectarines
First Annual FFS Pickle-Off and Pickle Sale
Members who took cucumbers last week will bring in their pickles (and recipes). Come ready to taste and offer your comments. We will have a book where you can write your "tasting notes".  Recipes will be included in a special edition of the recipe newsletter (if you have access to the internet, you can send your recipe to:  recipes@flatbushfarmshare.com). We
asked people to bring their pickles by 7, but we'll start setting up samples as soon as the first pickles arrive. We will also have pickles and cucumber kimchi for sale (the funds will help us continue to offer subsidized shares for low-income members).
Call-in on the Farm Bill (during distribution)
Take action against hunger and for food justice. We are asking members to call their elected officials to urge them to reshape the Farm Bill toward a just and sustainable food system. Hunger Action staffer Laurie Wen will be on hand with materials about this bill and to answer questions. Bring your cell phone and take a few minutes to help make a difference!
Please note that we are short a volunteer first shift this week and second shift next week.  If anyone can fill in we'd greatly appreciate it!
July 21 
4.30-6:30 Richard Gallagher Evelyn Fines K Weidenmueller Emma Myers


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