FFS Newsletter 2.7 and Notices

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NEWSLETTER 2-7.pdf (293 KB)

Last week we had shortages with our extra shares.  We just want to remind members that extra shares (fruit, eggs, pasta) are not included in the regular veggie share.  These shares are paid for at the beginning of the season separately.  Please be considerate of those who paid for these extra shares and only take extra shares if you have bought them.  If you are sending someone to pick up your share please remind them what shares you get.  To help eliminate this problem we will be having separate sign in for veggies and extra shares.

Volunteer Schedule

June 30
4.30-6.30: Rachel Parsons, Jenn Dickman, Ned Noyes, Jessie Lawton-Crane, Visnja V. 
6.30-8.30: Christine Hale

, Sharon Druck, Jenny Hendrix, Crystal Sandiford, Visnja V. 

July 7
4.30-6.30: Callia Pieperides, C. B. Stewart, Roger Wright, Christine Chu, Howard Chu
6.30-8.30: Ava Bartlett, Katherine Jacoby, Roger Wright, Erin Cousins, Sherell Bains


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