FFS Newsletter 2.5 & Notices

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NEWSLETTER 2-5.pdf (456 KB)

Please note that distribution is from 5pm – 8pm.  We close promptly at 8pm so volunteers can take vegetables to the food pantry. 
This Weeks Volunteers:
4.30-6.30: Abe Kemmis, Mike O'Neil, Addie Talbott, J. Colette Prosper, Zack Papper
6.30-8.30: Janice Ostendorf, Andrew Hagood, Braxton Splaun, Allison Keisler, J. Colette Prosper
Next Weeks Volunteers:
4.30-6.30: Sabine Dabady, Laura Goldstein, Addie Talbott, Kasia Nikhamina, Jesse Dorris
4.30-6.30: Sabine Dabady, Jenny Hendrix, Anna Peterson, Y. Daloe, Jesse Dorris
Core Meeting
Tonight around 7:30 at distribution we will have our first core group meeting of the season.
If you interested in participating more with the management and running of the Flatbush Farm Share, we hope you will consider attending.
Specifically we are looking for members willing to be Site Coordinators setting up and cleaning up the site, Sign-in Desk workers who will take attendance at distribution, Events help planning our farm trips.  And for sure there are things we haven't thought of, but if you have, let us know!
We'll have these meetings every 2 weeks at distribution, so if you are unable to attend tonight, there's always next time.
If you want to engage more quickly, you can email us anytime.
We hope you'll want to participate, we do need your help,
Thanks and see you tonight,
The FFS Core Group


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