June 2nd: What a Night!

Hello Farm Share Members,

Our first distribution night was not the smooth operation we had been planning, and we are so sorry that the season had such a rocky start. The farmer’s truck broke down on the way to the city–they wanted very much to work out the most expedient way to get your vegetables to Brooklyn. After trying to have the truck fixed, the driver ended up having to retrieve a rental truck, and unload 4,000 lbs. of vegetables off the original truck and then onto the rental truck. By the time they were on the way again, it was during rush hour traffic, which further delayed the delivery. I know it was frustrating to not have clear information about when the truck would arrive–but it was impossible for the farmer, the driver, or us to know when it would be–there were just too many variables in the situation. We are sorry the vegetables were so late. 

But we are so glad and thankful for your understanding and cooperation, for the time we got to talk with those who stayed and waited, for the help unloading the truck when it arrived, and for getting the boxes set up and the line moving so quickly. 

It was quite a way to start–but at the same time, I loved getting to witness the collective response to the situation–the way our little community pulled together. For our new members who didn’t get the first impression we hoped to portray, you should know that the vegetables were NEVER late last year, this was a rare and unexpected situation that we tried to manage in the best way possible. 

And now to the most important part: our vegetables from our hard-working farmers are beautiful! We received Japanese turnips, baby bok choy, broccoli raab, arugula, lettuce and spinach. I hope you enjoy this season’s first batch of vegetables.

See you next week!
Site Coordinator


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