September 2nd Distribution


Hello Farm Share Members:
It felt a lot like September as soon as I saw the boxes full of gorgeous orange Sunshine Kabocha wintersquash set out on our distribution tables! As melancholy as the end of August and shorter days can make me feel, winter squash means autumn evenings cool enough for some cozy squash soup… and that’s definitely something to look forward to! Along with the winter squash, we had Chiogga beets, celery, radishes, garlic, lettuce, tomatoes, and either kale or collard greens in our vegetable share this week.
For the fruit share, we had peaches and pears. As you’re all aware, the eggs were missing this week (we’re not quite sure what happened, all we know is that they weren’t available to be put on the truck when the driver started his trip to the city). We do know, however, that the folks at Breezy Hill are sorry for the missing eggs and will make it up either with double eggs next week or some fresh homemade pasta.
Thanks to the fabulous group of volunteers who helped out throughout the evening!
Enjoy your vegetables!

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