July 8th Distribution

Dear Farm Sharers…
Tonight’s group of volunteers, along with some early birds, were particularly fantastic and I want to thank you all! I thought I might be facing my first disaster distribution when it seemed as though we might not be able to get our scales or other supplies out of storage. While I tried to find a way to access our supplies, everyone pulled together, got our veggies organized and set up on the tables, and were optimistic that we would find a way to distribute the veggies fairly–even if we couldn’t weigh anything. Thankfully, disaster was averted and we were able to access our storage space and our scales. I sincerely appreciate your inventiveness, problem-solving, and cheerfulness!
Tonight we implemented a new method for weighing the vegetables (having our volunteers pre-weigh half and full share quantities that our members could select from) that I think helped everything go more smoothly. This not only allowed things to move more quickly, but also enabled the volunteers to better make sure the scales remain zeroed. We did try to accommodate preferences for small v. large zucchini, for instance, and hope that everyone was satisfied. Being a brand-new CSA, we keep trying new ideas to make things go well… feedback and suggestions are encouraged (comment here if you’d like!).
Unfortunately there again was a problem with the fruit and egg distribution. Apparently, the truck fire on the Manhattan Bridge earlier in the day created travel havoc around the city and the driver from the orchard wasn’t able to make it to Brooklyn early enough for our distribution hours. We will work something out with the orchard to make it right and we do apologize.
See you all next week!


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