June 17th Distribution

Hi All,

Distribution was back to normal this evening with our set-up on the porch of the Grey House once again. We received beautiful vegetables- zucchini, yellow squash, beets, tatsoi, salad greens, and sugar peas- eggs, coffee, and fruit- strawberries!

We had a slight shortage of fruit and egg shares that will be justified next week with extra shares for people who only received half of their share, or no share at all. We apologize and are determined to work out any kinks for a smooth distribution next week. The sign up for Fruit and Eggs Shares is now closed which should help get things on track for the next distribution.

PLEASE remember to bring your own bags. And, also, bring extra small bags to carry home your loose greens. Flatbush Farm Share is officially not providing bags. It has done so out of courtesy- until everyone was aware to bring their own.

Once again, our volunteers were so great. It is a wonderful way for us to get to know our members a little bit better. Their enthusiasm really made the evening enjoyable.

See you next week….


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