Cook those Greens!

From: Marie S.


I just thought I’d send an email to you all to make sure that members know they can cook the greens from the radish, turnips and beets.  I spoke with so many people at pickup today who threw out the greens and only used the turnips and radishes…

I’m not sure if there is a message board or not, but I hate to know of so much food going to waste!  Anyway, the descriptions are below and source is below that.

radish greens    Notes: These have a peppery flavor, and they’re great raw in salads and sandwiches, or you can cook them as you would other leafy greens.   The leaves are fairly pungent, though, so a  little goes a long way.  The greens from young plants are best.   Substitutes: mustard greens

beet greens   Notes: Like their close relative, Swiss chard, beet greens have lots of flavor and a good, sturdy texture.  The best ones are young and tender, and sometimes come with small beets attached.   Substitutes: Swiss chard (a very close substitute) OR turnip greens OR spinach (cooks more quickly)

turnip greens = turnip tops = turnip salad = Hanover greens  Notes: A staple of Southern cuisine, turnips greens are traditionally served with salt pork or ham hocks.  The leaves are pungent and slightly bitter, especially older ones, but they become milder when cooked.   Don’t prepare them with aluminum cookware, as it will affect their flavor and appearance.  Substitutes: dandelion greens OR mustard greens OR kale (takes longer to cook) OR collard greens (takes longer to cook, consider blanching first to reduce bitterness) OR Swiss chard (milder flavor) OR spinach (milder flavor)

This information was taken from the following website:



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