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FLATBUSH FARM SHARE is a CSA based in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Our mission is to make local, organic produce available to any Brooklyn resident, regardless of economic status.  We offer a sliding scale price structure and the options to pay in installments and/or with food stamps.

We are entirely volunteer-run.  We have two seasons of operation: summer (June-October) and winter (November-January).  Sign up for summer begins around February or March.

Flatbush is a food desert:  a neighborhood without enough grocery stores selling fresh produce, where many people choose fast-food over cooking healthy meals, and where affordability is a major factor in what people eat.  CSA is one way we can begin to change this!

A CSA is a community of people who buy produce directly from a local farmer. CSA members receive fresh produce at a great price, while supporting their local food system. CSA stands for Community-Supported Agriculture —  a CSA-community is dedicated to preserving sustainable farming, and every dollar members spend goes directly to the farmer, with no middle man!

We are organized in partnership with the New York City Coalition against Hunger, and our main farm partner is the Farm at Miller’s Crossing, an organic, family-owned farm outside of Hudson, NY.

You can find more information about our group and its mission Here.

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